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Background About Bag for Bike Frame

Bag for Bike Frame is a regular search phrase when you look up bike bags for your phone, but what is the bag usually called? Well you can call it whatever you want but we at JustBikeBags decided to call it Frame Phone Bags and even made a collection for the bags, you can see it here.

The idea behind this bag is to replace paper maps, normally you would have to stop with your bicycle and look at the maps. Now with the fantastic invention called Google Maps, you can just keep the maps on while biking and look where you should turn without ever stopping. That is if you have a good shape.

Best Bag for Bike Frame

So what is the best Bag for Bike Frame you may ask? Well we got the perfect list for you that summarizes it.

  • Bag for Bike Frame that does not rub your knees
  • Bag for Bike Frame that has lots of storage, besides the phone
  • Frame Phone Bag that can adjust to any bicycle frame.

Just because this is a list written by us at JustBikeBags. It doesn't mean that we have the ultimate truth. But we can guarantee you this is the problems most of our customers have.

Fortunately this is a list where we tick all the boxes with our Bag for Bike Frame. Here is some of our most popular Frame Phone Bags:


Main Reason to Get a Bag for Bike Frame

The biggest benefit or advantage we have to mention is the accessibility that these bags offer you, as we told you before these bags are located in the frame just in front of you which lets you open the pockets of the bag and reach some candy or even a small water bottle.

This helps you to not stop or risk yourself of losing balance because the location of the bags is perfectly infront of you. If you are that kind of cyclist who uses the cellphones GPS to manage your route, then this is the perfect bag for you, since it´s way safer to ride with the phone in the bag and NOT in your hand.

The frame phone bags was created for this purpose. The cyclist can start a route and put it in the frame phone bag that shows the screen with a transparent layer and protects your cellphone at all times. Minimizing the risk of dropping your cellphone or falling of the bike.


Advantages of Having a Bag for Bike Frame

  • Advantage 1: Bike endlessly without ever stopping besides when you are tired.
  • Advantage 2: Easy access to your belongings.
  • Advantage 3: Very safe storage of your accessories.
  • Advantage 4: Quality Bike Bags if buying from us at JustBikeBags