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Lubricate pedals on a bicycle - step by step guide

A bicycle contains a number of moving parts that need to be continuously reviewed in order for them to maintain their function and ensure that the service life is as long as possible. In this article, we were going to focus on the pedals and tell you more about how to lubricate them.

Lubricate pedals on your bicycle

Why you should lubricate the pedals

As mentioned in the introduction, a cycle consists of a series of components that need love at regular intervals. Otherwise, they simply risk losing their original functionality, while the service life can be shortened.

One of the parts that may need love in the form of fat are the pedals. If you do not lubricate these at regular intervals, they risk starting to squeak and crack. Another risk is that the threads start to rust and get stuck in the crank arms.

How to lubricate the pedals on your bike

Now that you have a better idea of ​​why it is so important to lubricate the pedals, we thought we would tell you more about how to do this successfully on your bike:

1. Release the pedals

First and foremost, of course, is to remove the pedals from the crank arms. Something you do by turning the left pedal clockwise and the right pedal counterclockwise.

2. Check that all screws and nuts are tightened

Once you have unscrewed the pedals, you can take the opportunity to check that all screws and threads are properly seated. This especially applies to you who have SPD pedals. This applies partly to the screws that handle the release mechanism and those that hold the pedal body together, but also the nuts that hold the body and the shaft together.

3. Lubricate the threads

After you have ensured that everything fits properly, it is time to lubricate the threads with grease. Make sure that the grease gets in every corner and is allowed to reach completely.

4. Attach the pedals

The final step is to attach the pedals to the crank arms again and voila - you have now lubricated the pedals. It's not harder than that! This process will not take you longer than one hour to do and will make your pedals feel like new again. Do this once a year and your pedals will thank you with higher speed and better traction while biking.