Best Bike Bag Brands - Top 10 On The Market

It is hard enough figuring out what kind of bike bag to buy and even harder figuring out which brands offer the highest quality material out there. So, here I've decided to rank the top 10 best bike bag brands out there and sort them from 10 to 1, the worst to the best. A reminder should be that number 10 is not a bad ranking to get, just that the number one spot is exceptional at what they do. I would also like to add that I recommend buying bike bags from any one of these brands since they will most certainly provide you with the best bike bags available out there. So, let us get started.

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Complete List Of The Best Bike Bag Brands



Apidura Bike Bags

10: Apidura Bike Bags

Apidura offers three different series of bike bags. Racing Series, Expedition series, and Backcountry series.

The racing series is for people who bike long distances and adventure bicycling, where they provide bike bags that have ultralight on the bags making you always see where you're going. Visibility, so that people can see exactly where you are, especially when traveling at high speed, it is necessary that other bikers see you immediately. Last but not least, waterproofness, having your bag protected in rainy weather.

Expedition series is for people who like to ride long distances in a more touring sense. Here they provide bike bags with durability, lightweight, and waterproofness. An important factor with these bags is how light they weigh when traveling long distances.

Backcountry series bike bags are made for traveling in singletrack, gravel, and mountain trails. These bags are also made to be hard-wearing, lightweight, and weatherproof. The two main points being hard-wearing and weatherproof since you will travel on bumpy roads and roads where dust and rocks hit the bike bag. These bags protect your accessories at all times.

You can find their bike bags here: Apidura



Alpkit bike bags

9: ALPKIT Bike Bags

Alpkit offers a lot of different handmade bike bags since 2008. They even made three sorts of kits that fit all types of bikers.

The first one is called Multi-day Bikepacking Rig, made for people that bike every day on and off from work or just people that take their bicycle out for a ride, Approximately 25-50 miles a day. This kit is perfect for the everyday commuter.

The second one is called Gravel, Road, and Endurance Race Rigs. This kit is for people that bike through rough roads and long distances. It also fits perfectly for the sporty biker. If you don't want to buy the whole kit package, you could go to the where the kit page is and buy bike bags that fit your needs.

Last but not least is the Expedition Bikepacking Rigs. Made for people that like to travel around the world with two wheels. This kit guarantees waterproofness, durability, and extreme weather security.

You can find their bike bags here: ALPKIT



Thule bike bags

8: Thule Bike Bags

Eric Thule from Sweden started Thule with a goal to offer the best bags for different kinds of transportation methods and one of them is bike bags. Thule provides bike bags that gives your bike new possibilities.

Here are four points about their goals when providing bike bags:

  • Maximize safety when traveling long distances
  • Different storage options and possibilities on your bicycle
  • Tough and durable bike bags that guarantees safety for your accessories
  • Accessories for your handlebar bags for more adventure-filled rides

You can find their bike bags here: Thule



evoc bike bags

7: Evoc Bike Bags

Evoc humbly brags that they've been to 50 different countries in 20 years with bicycles providing them a high spot on our ranking since they live up to the bike bags that they sell. Evoc sells all types of bike bags. And you will most certainly find the bike bag that suits you.

You can find their bike bags here: Evoc




rei bike bags

6: REI Bike Bags

REI doesn't only provide bike bags. REI offers lots of different other outdoor activity products like clothes for many purposes, climbing gadgets, and more. The bike bags they offer are of the utmost quality, and we can guarantee you a bike bag that will satisfy all of your needs.

You can find their bike bags here: REI



spectra bike bags

5: Spectra Bike Bags

Spectra focus on delivering the best bike pannier bags in the market. And they most certainly do. The bike pannier bags that Spectra offer is made for travel through all types of weather, offering waterproofness, durability, and sustainability. They don't have a massive collection, but they have one made out of quality. I would have ranked them higher if their website loaded faster, but if you manage to find a Spectra bike bag in a store nearby you, you should most certainly go for it!

You can find their bike bags here: Spectra



basil bike bags

4: Basil Bike Bags

What I love about Basil is their total devotion to everything about bikes besides selling the actual bicycles. They have everything! From bicycle bags to fastening systems, and the most important thing being bicycle clothing. I love the setup on the website, and they make it easy to navigate throughout the store to find the products you need the most. They've even sorted between bike crates and bike baskets.

Basil provides all types of bike bags from the front end back to the rear end. They've even created a column for you to sort out by the completely waterproof bags. The waterproof bags are a bit more expensive, but they are most certainly worth it!

You can find their bike bags here: Basil



agu bike bags

3: AGU Bike Bags

Sustainability being AGU's top priority, they most certainly deliver on it. I couldn't find a single bag not having the Greenspheres certification, which is a certification that proves that they make Bike Bags out of 100% recycled polyester and recyclable materials. AGU is a company that lives up to its good reputation, with people posting daily about bike bags bought from AGU.

You can find their bike bags here: AGU



hollandbikeshop bike bags

2: Hollandbikeshop

Of course, the Netherlands produced a store that makes the top of this list. Being the country with the densest bicycle populated area in the world by far they just have to have a store with top quality bicycle items. I know A LOT of people that often buy from this store just because of their expertise on all things bicycle. They offer lots of great bike bags for every weather condition you could ever imagine that exists. They have excellent customer service with an overall ranking being 8.9/10. They deliver worldwide and even offer a 2-year warranty!

I was so close to placing them in the first spot, but it is hard beating Ortlieb bike bags.

You can find their bike bags here: Hollandbikeshop



ortlieb bike bags

1: Ortlieb Bike Bags

Who else than Ortlieb has a chance at grabbing the first place? This company just wow. Germany delivers on their cars, and they most definitely live up to their standard on their bike bags. These bike bags are ALWAYS 1000% waterproof. When looking around in forums regarding bike bags, you will always hear Ortliebs' name pop up. That is because they got the lightest bags with the best durability. How do I know this, you may ask? Just visit their warranty compartment. They offer 5 YEARS of warranty. If any of their products get worn out five years after they will refund you or repair your bag for you. 

Ortlieb's store even looks futuristic with transparent pictures on the first page making the website look as cool as their bags are great. I would always recommend buying bike bags from Ortlieb. Should you not be satisfied, then I promise you that you won't. That's how sure I am of their bike bags.

You can find their bike bags here: Ortlieb