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Saddlebags and Seat Packs for Bicycles

Saddlebags are also known as seat bags, under-seat bags, or bicycle seat packs. For your comfort, the designers make the saddle bags in three different sizes. This helps you choose the one that fits your necessities.

Below Are Benefits of Saddlebags and Seat Packs:

  • Volume – Saddlebags come in various sizes. They usually start from 60 cu. inch and go up to 600 cu. inch. As such, you can have one that fits just beneath your seat or one that angles outwards and upwards. 
  • More room – Whatever bag you choose, saddlebags give you more room to carry your stuff. 
  • Stylish – Saddlebags come in different styles. You can even make one at home, and if you wish, you can get one with reflective material to increase visibility when you travel in the morning and evening. 
  • Attachment – Saddlebags can be easily detached from your bicycle if you’re using a click-in dock. Once you reach your destination, you can just carry them with you if you choose.
  • Subtle – Some riders want to look cool as they ride, and others don’t want people to pay much attention to what they’re carrying. A saddlebag that fits just beneath their seat and blends in with their bike color provides the subtlety they need.

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8 products

8 products

When to Use Saddlebags

Saddlebags are best for use when you have quite a bit of traveling to do or intend to go on an overnight trip. This is because they are ideal for carrying bike repair things such as spare tubes, zip ties, nuts and bolts, wrench, brake cables, chain tool, tire levers, compact pumps, lubricants, and multi-tools. As such, you can comfortably go on longer trips knowing you can repair your bike should the need arise since your saddlebag can carry all the repair tools you need.

But, they are also useful in carrying light and bulky items.

You can carry things such as clothing or even a tent inside your saddlebag. You can also use your bag to carry food items such as bread or chips. The trick is to place such items further on top of the saddlebag to avoid accidentally squashing them.

Another trick is to place items such as a wet tent on top of the saddlebag instead of inside the bag. In this case, the saddlebag’s external part acts as a raised platform where you can add more items if the bag is full.

Note: Saddlebags are not easier to reach into when you are riding. Thus, don’t place items in them that you may need to use as you ride. Instead, use them to carry things that you need once you stop for a break.

So, when is a saddlebag the most suitable bag to carry on your bike?

Bikes Suitable For Saddlebags

As long as your bike has enough space between the seat and the rear wheel, you can attach a saddlebag to it. The trick is how you attach it. There are two ways to attach saddlebags to your bike. 

The first way involves the use of straps. You can use velcro straps to safely secure your saddlebag to the seat post and saddle rails. Remember, you don’t want your bag to sway back and forth as you ride. That is annoying and can mess up your balance.

The second way is to use click-in docks. The click-in docks tend to place a bit of distance between the bag and the saddle, and this ensures your thighs don’t rub against the saddle as you pedal your bike.

Click-in docks tend to be more expensive than velcro straps. Thus, if you plan to use your saddlebag on more than one bike, you should think of using velcro straps since you can transfer them to whatever bike you’re using. But all in all, whatever bike you use, make sure you attach your saddlebag to it securely.

Saddlebags for Bicycle

Here you will find all our saddlebags. A small saddlebag is flexible because you can fit the smaller things you need without it weighing down the bike and affecting how fast you can ride. A larger saddlebag that you attach to the saddle post, on the other hand, is better if you need to bring more things with you on your bike ride.

Because the saddlebag is mounted on the back of the saddle, it will not be in the way of you when you ride. With us, you will find lots of different saddlebags in different designs. Choose between cool, practical saddlebags or stylish saddlebags. We also have saddlebags where you can store your water bottle so you always have liquid within an arm's length.