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Frame Phone Bags and Top Tube Bags for Bicycles

Frame bags, frame packs, or frame phone bags are bicycle bags designed to fit into the triangle of a bicycle. This is the space between the down tube, top tube, and seat tube of your bike. Although frame bags are usually intended to fit snugly into that space, there are partial or half-frame bags sold in the market. 

Since such bags don’t occupy the whole triangle, they leave enough space for you to mount water bottle cages on the frames. Depending on the size of your bag, you can mount one or two water bottle cages or bags.

Below Are Benefits of Frame Phone Bags and Top Tube Bags:

  • Snug fit – Since many bikes have similar triangles, it is more than likely for you to find a universal frame bag that fits your bike well. However, you can still have a custom-made bag for a better fit.
  • Secure – Frame bags have multiple attachment straps. These straps allow you to attach your bag to the seat tube, down tube, and top tube. As such, your bag remains secure even if you are riding on harsh terrain.
  • Convenient – Frame bags are positioned for convenience. Their position allows you to reach down as you continue on your way and remove an item from the bag.
  • Easy to organize – Many frame bags come with multiple pockets. Thus, if you like your things well organized, you can assign them pockets and put the things you need to use often on the outside pockets.
  • Stylish – Frame bags come in various styles, sizes, and colors. You can match them to your bike. For instance, if you have orange frames, you can purchase a brown frame bag to enhance your bike’s look.

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8 products

8 products

When to Use Frame Phone Bags

The frame bag is often used to carry dense or heavy items, especially when you’re going off-road. This is because its positioning enables you to effectively keep the weight off the steering. It centers it on the bike, allowing for a smoother ride even when you are on rough terrain.

You can use your frame bag to carry items such as your repair kit, cooking kit, medical kit, torch, wash kit, and music player. Try to keep the weight in your frame bag between 2 to 4kgs. But remember, your legs will be pedaling, so don’t make your frame bag too bulky as you’ll have trouble pedaling. 

Bikes Suitable For Frame Phone Bags

Ideally, you can use a frame bag on most bikes. You can use such bags on road bikes, touring bikes, cyclocross bikes, mountain bikes, hybrid bikes, and adventure road bikes. However, when using them on bikes such as road bikes, you have to keep the weight of the things you want to carry at a minimum because such bikes are meant to be used on smooth roads, and they are not meant to carry heavy loads.

Also, their use will depend on your purpose. For example, if you plan on going for a long trip, the triangle between your down tube, top tube, and seat tube would serve you better if you mount a water bottle cage on it. This way, you can drink water as you continue your ride. As such, always think of your needs before deciding on a frame bag.

Frame Phone Bags for Bicycle

Here you will find all our frame bags that are excellent for storing the most necessary things you need on your bike ride that you want to be able to access quickly. In a frame bag, it is smart to store something you can eat that gives you energy, such as an energy bar. Of course, there is a lot of stuff you can store in your frame bag, but make sure to put the ones you want to access quickly so you always have the most important things close at hand. The advantage of a frame bag is that it is small and neat so it will not affect your cycling, rather the opposite if you packed the bag well with much-needed things.