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Bike Pannier Bags, Front and Rear

Bicycle panniers are rectangular bags designed to be attached to metal racks either on the front of your bike or the rear of your bike. The metal racks is often attached to the frame directly, and you can use metal or plastic hook systems to secure your bags to the racks.

Pannier setups usually include two rear panniers and two front panniers. The rear panniers can hold 1500 to 4500 cu. inch of luggage. The front panniers tend to be smaller than the rear panniers and can hold 900 to 1800 cu. inch of luggage.

Below Are Benefits of Bike Pannier Bags:

  • Large storage capacity – Panniers are designed to hold a lot of equipment. 

  • Multiple storage rooms – Panniers often come in pairs. This means you have additional storage to keep your stuff in.

  • Bike balance – Since some panniers are used in pairs, their load on either side of the bicycle wheel helps balance the bike. In fact, it is advisable that you use both front and rear panniers to keep your bike steady. This means additional storage room.

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9 products

9 products

When to Use Bike Pannier Bags

Due to their large capacity, you can pack a variety of things in bike pannier bags. You can pack your cooking equipment, bike repair gear, clothes, and food items. Thus, if you want to go on a bike tour, bike pannier bags should be a go-to option.

Although they are relatively large, the trick is how you pack your pannier bags.

You need to start with your heaviest items. These should include items such as bike tools, frying pan, and tent. Pack these items closer to the tires. Push them further forward to anchor the rest of the items and improve your bicycle’s stability.

Also, since the bags can hold several items, it would be wise to categorize the items and place them in smaller plastic bags. This is especially so if you have water-sensitive items with you. Additionally, make sure the front panniers are similar in weight so that they can balance. You can have more items in your back panniers, but they too should balance to distribute the weight evenly.

If you’re new to bike packing, you’ll want to get panniers for your road trips. This is because many people tend to carry more things than they need when they first go on a bike tour. As you become an expert in packing, you may discover the need to adjust the capacity of your panniers. But as they say, it is better to be safe than sorry.

Bikes Suitable for Bike Pannier Bags

Panniers come in various sizes, and different brands have different sized racks to fit your panniers. Thus, you have to be careful when purchasing panniers. The bikes most suitable for pannier bags are touring bikes, outfitted mountain bikes or adventure road bikes.

Bike Pannier Bags, the Solution for you

Bicycling has become one of the largest hobbies and sports around the world the last few years. It doesn´t matter where you find yourself to be in the world, there will always be a bike fan near you. So you can always find people to connect with.

As a bike fan you are probably always on the lookout for new accessories and items to fulfill your bike experience. One of the most innovative accessories the bike can have is the bike pannier bags. Bike pannier bags are the best solution for all people who uses a bicycling type of transport and need to carry their stuff with them. You have probably been dealing with lack of space to store your valuables when traveling to work with your bike. That is because you haven't had the right pannier bag to assist you.

The solution one normally thinks of is to buy a huge backpack to carry your items, but, these bags are usually heavy and can cause serious back injuries with prolonged usage. There is no need for you to carry all that weight when your bicycle can do it.  That is when bike pannier bags comes to your rescue.