Bike Frame Bag - All You Need To Know

What is a bike frame bag? Where should you use it, and are there different kinds of bike frame bags? Here we will try to answer all your questions that you might have about bike frame bags and even where you could get them besides from our store. Our goal is not to sell more of the bike bags that we offer, but our goal is to ensure that you get the bike frame bag that fits your needs and gets you satisfied.

bike frame bag and other bike bags

What is a Bike Frame Bag

A bike frame bag is a bag applied to the bicycle's body frame. These bags should separate into two categories, the first category being top tube bags and the second being frame phone bags.

The top tube bag is a long and thin bag applied under or over the frame of your bicycle. These bags are usually waterproof and have a pretty hard shell on them because you want your items protected at all costs. They are used to store necessary traveling pieces of equipment that you might have with you. Examples of belongings that you can keep in your bike frame bag. Bicycle pump, keys, biking glasses, and even your mobile phone.

What About Frame Phone Bags?

Where do you place them, and how do you use them? Frame phone bags should be placed on top of the bicycle frame and just before the handlebar starts. Frame bags' number one usage is for storing your mobile phone, so you can read what it says even when biking. Bikers mainly use their phone for GPS reasons or to know if they should take a left or right turn immediately instead of standing still and having to look it up. Frame phone bags usually have more storage space to store your belongings underneath the phone, so having this bag only without getting a top tube bag could be ideal.

Why Do You Need a Bike Frame Bag

Getting a bike frame bag must be the best decision I've taken after getting my bicycle. I have always struggled with having my phone in the backpack and storing it so far away that I have to stop my bike before looking something up on my phone. Even if someone is calling me, I can have the phone stored on the frame bag and connect it with my AirPods and answer immediately, knowing who it is. Or whenever I want to listen to music, and I've started the wrong playlist. With a bike frame bag, I can reach the mobile touch screen right in front of me and change the playlist whenever. To sum it all up, life is about making it more enjoyable. Biking is just that, and the more you can bike without stopping, the more you can enjoy life.

Bike Frame Bag - Main Benefits of Having One 

  • Access to GPS navigation at all times
  • Easy to reach the phone
  • Closer storage for belongings
  • Looks good
  • Safely secured belongings