Essential Tips When You Buy Bike Bags

When selecting a bike bag, there are some things you should consider. These include:

Essential Tips When You Buy Bike Bags

Ease of Access

One of the first things you should think of before buying a bike bag is how often you want to reach into your bag during your trip. The items you use during your trip should be in pockets that you can easily reach. Thus, it helps to plan out your packing before the day of the trip. Make sure you know where each zipper and each opening are found so that you can arrange your bag well on your bicycle. For instance, you don’t want a zipper facing down when trying to get your phone from the top tube bag.


Nowadays, it is possible to find bags that can be expanded or compressed using expandable collars and compression straps, respectively. These types of bags allow you to carry all kinds of loads without wasting space. If your load is small, you can compress your bag to avoid flapping. If you need more space, you can expand your bag to make more room instead of using various bags each time you want to carry something.

Waterproof Bags

Water resistance is something you should always consider when buying a bag. Especially if you want to go on bike tours and are unsure of the weather patterns, if you get a waterproof bag, you will be sure that whatever is in your bag will be protected from any damage by water. However, remember that a heavy downpour can soak through material that is water-resistance after a certain period. Thus, you should check on your property as soon as possible.

Weather Proof

Most people think about a waterproof bag and not much about a bag strong enough to withstand UV rays. Your bike bag will get exposed to other elements in addition to rain; therefore, it is of importance to go for a durable bag that can withstand UV rays, among other harsh weather conditions.

Attachment Options

You should consider how your bag will be attached to your bike when selecting a bike bag. Sometimes you have to pack in public places. Meaning you may want to carry your gear with you for safety reasons. If your bike has a quick-release or uses clips or hooks, you can easily detach your bag from it and take it with you.

Center Your Weight

You must look for a bag that will ensure you keep your weight centered on your bicycle when carrying various bike bags since you should not have too much weight in the front or the back. Ideally, you want to keep the weight balanced. Allows you to get a better handle on your bike. It will also prevent you from putting too much strain on your body and prevent mechanical breakdowns.

Reliability of the Brand

It is best to buy a bag from a reliable brand always since it will ensure that you get the best quality. Do your research well and even read customer reviews before purchasing. Also, it is best to spend a bit more and get the best product rather than saving a few coins and have to buy another bag within a short time.


Finally, whatever kind of bag you opt for, always remember to use space wisely. When it comes to packing your bag, you may feel like you need to utilize every bit of available space. However, it is good to remember that you may end up picking up a bunch of souvenirs during your trip. They will need to go somewhere.

Also, when you pack your bags, you want to mark down where something comes from and whenever you use it, you need to return it to its place. This way, you won’t lose your things.


Bicycle bags come in various shapes, colors, styles, and sizes. Designed to give you more room to carry your stuff, and you can use them on day trips or overnight trips. Many times, the type of bike bag you need depends on your needs. For instance, if you intend to carry bulky items, a top tube bag won’t do. However, as you become more comfortable adjusting to the weight of the bags, you will find that you can safely use a variety of bicycle bags to cater to your every need.

I hope that the information in this book has opened your eyes to the different possibilities when it comes to the kind of bike bag you desire.

All the best as you choose one that suits you!