Handlebar Bag - What is it?

Why is handlebar bags rising in popularity? Is it because people are growing tired of biking with a backpack? Here you'll find everything you need to know about handlebar bags, all the negatives, and all the positives, and why you should have a handlebar bag.

 handlebar bag on a bike

What is a Handlebar Bag?

A handlebar bag is a bike bag that you put in the front of your steering wheel. You could compare it to having a backpack but without the sweaty back. Handlebar Bags position is on the front or back of the bicycle steering wheel. Handlebar bags exist in various shapes and forms. Handlebar bags can be small in size for storing small belongings like keys, wallets, and even pads. Handlebar bags also exist in larger sizes. Large handlebar bags are used for long-distance trips or if you would like to camp with a bicycle and need to bring your sleeping bag and sleeping pads.

Handlebar bags usually have two velcro straps on them to easily attach your bag to the steering wheel. I do not say this lightly when I say that handlebar bags always should be waterproof, even when just biking to the city. With cars, you always have protection against bad weather. Bicycles don't have any good protection from the hot sun or rainy weather. Good protective clothes are a must-have when biking at all times includes handlebar bags.

Handlebar Bag Negatives

  • Slows down biking Speed with more wind-resistance
  • Harder to turn your bicycle through corners
  • Hard to choose the correct size

Handlebar Bags Positives

  • Less back sweat with a handlebar bag instead of a backpack
  • Easier to carry with your bicycle doing all the lifting
  • Easy to strap on and off your bicycle
  • Open up for longer bicycling trips

Why you should have a Handlebar Bag

The main reason I own a handlebar bag is the feeling of despising having a backpack on. I have a large back that always gets sweaty when wearing one, even when I'm just walking. Having a handlebar bag has helped me so much in just enjoying the fresh air that breezes through my body when I'm bicycling. The fresh air is the sole reason I advise owning a handlebar bag.

Safe biking out there!