Must Know Info When You Buy Bike Basket Bags

Basket bags are not new to bike packing. They are the type of bags we are used to seeing on kid’s bicycles. But recently, they’ve made a comeback amongst bike riders of all ages. As the name suggests, basket bags usually coincide at the front or rear of the bike.

The front baskets are usually smaller in size, and you should install them at the front fork or handlebar. Some rare baskets tend to be very deep and can be used to carry properties way bigger.

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The Pros of Having Such a Bike Bag Include:

  • Cost-Effective – The good thing about bike baskets is that they come in different shapes and sizes. You can also easily find a cheap basket and turn it into a bike basket using straps.
  • Ease of Packing – Bike baskets often don’t have lids, and they have a large surface area making it easier for you to pack your stuff. You can also use them as a holding place whereby you pack your things in a bag and then drop the bag in your bike basket.
  • More Room – Both the front and rear baskets give you additional space to store various items. 
  • Carry Taller Objects – The good thing about using open bike baskets is that they allow you to carry taller items. You can also bring your groceries without squashing them.
  • Off-Bike Utility – Bike baskets that can be quickly detached are necessary when you’re going shopping. You can take them with you, do your shopping and reattach them before riding back home.

When to Use Bike Basket Bags

Bike baskets are the type of bags you want to use when running errands or shopping. Since it allows you to place your goods inside the basket quickly, with longer trips or bumpy rides, you can use bike baskets that have lids on them. For instance, steel bike baskets can even be closed to provide additional safety when you store your things.

Bikes Suitable For Basket Bags

Ideally, you want to use bike baskets on smooth roads meaning that you should use them on bikes such as road bikes, cyclocross bikes, and hybrid bikes. However, you can still add a basket to any bicycle provided you don’t carry too much stuff on bikes that can not carry much weight.

Remember, bike baskets can be custom-made to match the sleekness of your bicycle. So, you don’t have to worry about them ‘cramping your style.’