Must Know Info When You Buy Top Tube Bags

Top tube bags are mini bags or packs placed on the top tube of your bicycle. Most top tube bags are placed at the head tube end. However, you can reverse such bags and place them at the seat post end of your frame. Some bikers use two top tube bags using this placement method.

Top tube bags can carry 61 cubic inches to 450 cubic inches of luggage. Some bicycles have bolts on which you can attach the bags, but most bags are attached using straps.

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The Pros of Having This Bag Include

  • Easy Access – When it comes to bicycles, the ease of access is determined by how easy it is for you to reach for something while you bike. Top tube bags are literally in front of you when you ride, and you can easily access them without stopping.
  • Convenience – Top tube bags, designed to be accessed using one hand. You can place things such as phones in the bag, and you will be able to reach them when needed.
  • Light-Weight – Some bikers struggle with balancing their bikes if the weight is not distributed evenly. The placement of the top tube bag rarely interferes with the balance of your bicycle.
  • Security – When you are traveling, you still want to keep an eye on your property. When you place your valuables in a top tube bag. Rest easier knowing they are in your line of sight.
  • Attachment – Most top tube bags are detachable from your bike. As such, you can take the bags with you if you do not want to leave your property outside.

What Top Tube Bags Do We Have

At JustBikeBags we offer a few different top tube bags. Some bags should attach to the upper side of the frame, while others placed under the frame. It all depends on what Top Tube Bag you prefer stylistically. Since it doesn't matter where you have it, you could even have one on the top and one on the bottom for more space.

When to Use Top Tube Bags

Top tube bags are the type of bags you use when you are running errands around town. They give you a safe place to carry your phone, wallet, documents, and other valuables as you go about your business. 

You can also use such bags to store some snacks when you have to go for longer journeys. Sometimes you cannot stop and sit down to eat, and you have to re-energize as you ride. Place your snacks or sandwich in your bag, and you're good to go.

Bikes Suitable for Top Tube Bags

It is possible to place top tube bags on all types of bicycles. You can put them on hybrid bikes, mountain bikes, touring bikes, cyclocross bikes, and road bikes. However, some bicycles tend to have a shorter top tube, making it difficult for bikers to pedal as their knees end up touching the bag. Thus, you should test out your bike before deciding on a top tube bag.

Hopefully, I've covered all about Top Tube Bags. If you feel I didn't, then please contact us with your question.

Happy Biking!