Planning Cycling Holiday

Plan Your Cycling Holiday Well in Advance

More and more people are going on a cycling holiday in the USA, this summer will be no exception. To be able to enjoy the nice bike paths on Flume trails or the fast bike paths up in the mountains during the summer is increasingly appreciated. But think how frustrating it would be if you arrive at the landing site and notice that the bike has been punctured? Or that all packing does not fit as planned when you go on the summer's first bike excursion. We list the most necessary equipment for your cycling holiday that you do not want to stand without this summer, to be able to relax!

Holiday biking with good weather

The Right Equipment for Bicycling Holiday

The number one packing is your bike. How do you bring all your packing and even a bike? With a bike carrier in the car, there are no problems. If you are going away, there are different types of bike carriers for your car depending on how many bikes you are transporting and what car you have.

Are you not going to travel far? Then an electric bike is a perfect alternative to the car. If the children are going on a cycling holiday, you bring a bicycle seat or a bicycle cart, that you attach to the electric bicycle. your packing can fit in some sturdy packing bags or a backpack. Even if you do not have children, a bicycle cart also works great for transporting extra packing!

When Do You Need a Bike Carrier For The Car?

If you are going to transport the bike, a bike carrier is a must no matter how far you are going to travel. You can easily get on the bike without scratching either the bike or the car. Do you need to bring both bicycles and a bicycle cart? A tip is to invest in a bicycle holder for mounting on the roof of the car and a bicycle holder for mounting on the towbar or tailgate (depending on your car model). Then you can mount extra cargo space in the form of a cargo box that mounts on the bike carrier for the towbar. It will be a perfect space to bring your multi-sports car or another packing.

Pack Properly When Going On a Holiday

Which bicycle bags work best on holiday?

Are you going to bring a lot of packing? Make sure you have sturdy packing bags that are also waterproof! For example, one of these from Thule. Because what is a summer without rain? Are you going on fast-paced adventures, picnics, or experiencing the country road? Then a Cycling Glasses - If you cycle on a country road to discover the beautiful surroundings, it would have been boring if you could not look around properly. A pair of cycling goggles protect your eyes from gravel while protecting your eyes from the sun's rays.

  • Rain jacket - As I said, what is a Swedish summer without a little rain? If you have the right clothes, you can cycle in all weather! A rain jacket and shoe cover to keep your feet dry do the trick.
  • Energy - After rain comes sunshine! And in order not to risk being dehydrated in the sun or hungry on the road, it is good to bring extra energy. Especially if you plan to cycle longer distances. Extra energy in the form of a sports drink or energy gel to keep your mood and speed up is perfect!
  • The helmet! - Do not forget to protect your head. A helmet is a must no matter how far or fast you bike.
  • First aid kit - for you and your bike! To have a successful holiday, one should plan according to the worst-case scenario. If the accident were to be a fact, we do not want the holiday to be ruined. Therefore, it is necessary to have a first aid kit with various patches and wound cleansers. Why not something to comfort the children? After all, we want the children to think it's fun on a cycling holiday. Also, don't forget patches for your bike! A hose, a pump, and a tire remover if the puncture is there, a multi-tool is never wrong to have in the backpack!
  • Bicycle computer - A bicycle computer to attach to the bicycle to document your cycling. Perfect for keeping track of heart rate and direction of travel. For, believe me, when I say, you do not want to get lost with the kids too far on a rainy summer day when everyone is starting to get hungry!