Top Tube Bike Bags Guide

How do you choose the best Top Tube Bag for you? There are some considerations you must take at the time to buy this kind of bag. The first consideration should be the size of the bag.

top tube bike bag on a bike

Considerations Before Buying a Top Tube Bag

Although these bags does not destabilize your bike while you are biking, it does not mean that if you choose a bag to big, that it would not cause you any trouble. For this reason, the most recommended is to buy a medium sized bag that does not compromise the stability and balance.

The design is very important too, just because the large bags are more stable and aerodynamic then the wide bags. It is not only just about the balance because if you buy a bag too wide, your knees can bump with the bag, and you can fall or suffer injuries. That is why the top tube bags are one of the best in the market, but the choice is yours. Check out our website and find the bags that fits the best to your needs.

How "Gas Tanks" can be Useful for Your Bike?

Most people do not know that the top tube bags are usually called "gas tanks". It is why they used to have a shape that looks similar to the gas tanks of a motorcycle from the 70s. This name even gained so much popularity that the company Revelate Designs patented the term "gas tanks".

The first benefit or advantage we have to mention is the accessibility that these bags offer you, as we told you before these bags are located in the frame just in front of you which lets you open the pockets of the bag and reach some candy or your water bottle.

This helps you to not stop or risk yourself of losing balance because the location of the bags is perfectly in front of you. If you are the kind of cyclist who uses cellphone GPS to manage your route, then this is the perfect bag for you, since it´s way safer to ride with the phone in the bag and NOT in your hand.

The frame phone bags was created for this purpose. The cyclist can start a route and put it in the frame phone bag that shows the screen with a transparent layer and protects your cellphone at all times. Minimizing the risk of dropping your cellphone or falling of the bike.

On the other hand, you should be wondering: what makes these bags more special and different than other bike bags? The big advantage of these bags is the stability that the bags offer you while bicycling. The other bags usually add more weight to the bicycle in one side of the bike. When turning left or right while bicycling this could make you loose control of the bike and fall.

This is why the top tube bags are so great, because with these bags the weight of your belongings stays in the center of the bicycle and does not destabilize it.

What are Top Tube Bags Designed for?

The top tube bags are a kind of baggage that are especially designed to be put in the frame of the bicycle, just behind the bicycle steering wheel. They are designed to adjust to the frame and the top tube with straps. This helps keeping your bike stuff safe and easy to reach.

The main benefit of the top tube bags is the freedom of movement it gives the owner, unlike other bicycle bags, these bags lets you move your legs without any problem and without hitting your bag with every other movement. However, there are some other benefits you should know about that could help you choose the perfect bag for you.

This is the reason we wanted to talk to you about these incredible bags and hopefully this will let you give them a try. You are going to be able to improve your bicycle experience and share it with your cyclist friends.

But, despite that it is one of the most useful accessories, not every cyclist knows all the benefits they can enjoy using this kind of bag. Regular cyclists normally thinks that the top tube bags are especially designed for professional cyclists. However, anyone can use this kind of bike bag and optimize their cyclist experience, it is not necessary to be a professional. 

The bags are normally manufactured with a fabric that avoids the water coming inside the bag and ruin your things. However, the waterproof fabric is not a guarantee that your belongings are going to be safe because the water can get in through the joints of the bags. That is why you should always consider the use of an extra bag of canvas to keep your belongings safer.