Bicycle Chain Changing - Easier Than you Think

Changing the bicycle chain is not as difficult as many people think. It is easy and even fast with the right tools if you have a guide. If you bike a lot, it is good to know how to change a chain as it needs to switch about every 130 miles, considering that the chain is washed and lubricated regularly. If you don't, it may need to get replaced way earlier. If you bike during the winter, it is extra important to wash and lubricate the chain regularly.

Must-Haves When Changing Bicycle Chain

Chain wear indicator and chain switch tools. After acquiring these, all you have to do is follow our simple step-by-step description to change your chain.

changing bicycle chain - bike wheel

1. Start by measuring how worn the chain is with a chain wear tool.

If you change the chain before it has reached 0.7%, you often do not have to change the cassette, at the same time allowing you to get up to double/triple the life of your cartridge.

2. Place the gears on the gear that's the smallest on the front and rear.

Making the chain not as tense and becomes easier to work. Remove the old chain by dividing it with a chain switch and make sure that the pin on the chain switch does not end up at an angle as there is a risk that it will break.

3. To find the right length of the new chain, place the chain on the large gear at the rear and the large gear at the front.

Do not pull the chain through the reverse gear when measuring. Tighten, and add two links the chain should wrap around two links when stretching it. Then cut the chain to that length with the chain switch.

4. Put the gears on the gear that's the smallest on the front and rear again.

Thread the chain as it should sit through the rear derailleur and the pulleys. Remember that the text on the chain must be outwards for it to work optimally. Assemble the chain with the included breakable chain rivet or chain lock that comes with the packaging of the new chain. If it is a chain rivet, push it in with the chain switch until it is level with the chain, and then break off the part that came out on the back by hand.

5. Done!

It is not any difficult than that to change the chain. In addition to having learned how to change the chain yourself, it is always good to know how to do it in the case that the chain breaks.

So next time try to change the chain yourself.

Good luck!