Bicycle Helmets - All You Need To Know

Buying guide for bicycle helmets - find the correct bicycle helmet for you and your child.

Whether you chase seconds along the country road or commute to work, bicycle helmets can be cheap life insurance for you and your child. But to get the best possible protection, there is a lot you need to keep in mind when buying a bicycle helmet.

Biking with bike helmets

The Size and Fit of a Bicycle Helmet

A bicycle helmet that fits well should protect you better in the event of an accident. Therefore, it is of much importance to choose a helmet that has the correct size. You can easily find out what size you or your child should have by measuring your head where it is the largest.

Most bicycle helmets can be adjusted in size using a steering wheel on the back. Choose a helmet size where your measurement ends up somewhere in the middle of the adjustment. The bicycle helmet should sit firmly on the head without squeezing. Never buy a helmet that the child will "grow in"! An oversized helmet can slip around and protect less in the event of an accident.

The Comfort of a Bicycle Helmet

If the bicycle helmet is not comfortable, there is a good chance that it collects dust on the hat shelf instead of being used. Therefore, choose a helmet that you or your child finds comfortable. There are mainly two things that often affect comfort - the helmet's weight and ventilation. For example, it feels good with ventilation during hot summer days when the sun is on.

A lighter helmet may be preferable when biking long distances on a bike with a forward-leaning seat position. The helmet helps in not straining your neck. If, on the other hand, you bike shorter distances on a bicycle with a more upright sitting position, such as a women's bicycle, the weight matters less.

The Safety Mechanisms of a Bicycle Helmet

Buckle - an extra safety measure.

Children under the age of 7 should wear a helmet with a buckle. The buckle should not be on if your child, for example, should get stuck with the helmet.

MIPS - Protects Your Brain

Mips is a system in the helmet that helps protect the brain from rotational movements. If it is windy, the shell and the padding can slide independently of each other with movement. The helmet's shell absorbs a large part of the kinetic energy that arises and thus reduces the damage in the event of an accident.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bicycle Helmets

Why should you wear a bicycle helmet?

If you use a bicycle helmet, you can protect your brain from extensive brain damage in the event of an accident.

Which bicycle helmet should you buy?

You buy an approved bicycle helmet that fits your head and is comfortable.

How should a bicycle helmet fit?

The helmet should sit far down over the forehead without obscuring the view. It should also fit properly on the head without leaving an air space between the head and the helmet.