Bike Trailers - All You Need To Know

A bike trailer is a type of carriage that comes trailing after your bike and is great when you want to carry many items or things that are bulky. It is your bicycle towing a trailer after it. The bike trailer comes with a single wheel or two wheels. Bike trailers with a single wheel are often as wide as the handlebars of your bicycle, and they tend to fall in line with your bike. On the other hand, two-wheel bicycle trailers tend to be bulkier.

bike trailers - all you need to know

Bike Trailer Pros Include:

  • More Confident Riding – Bike trailers give you confidence since you can feel them trailing after you. Even if you are not looking at your luggage, you know it is there, and you don’t have to waste time wondering if you’ve lost something. 
  • More Room – Bike trailers have a lot of space. Of course, they come in various capacities. Bike trailers generally give you more storage than you would get from other bicycle bags.
  • Easier Movement – Bike trailers don’t come between your legs and the pedals. They don’t impede movement around your bicycle’s chain. When you use them, you are free to move about without worrying about bumping into something or your clothes getting caught in something.
  • Convenient – When you stop for a break, you can use a kickstand to keep your bike trailer stationary. A kickstand comes in handy when you don’t have a wall to balance your bicycle on.

When to Use Bike Trailers

Bike trailers for touring are the most frequent. If you plan to travel and love the freedom to move about and still have your things with you, you may want to think about buying a bicycle trailer. You can place all your bulky or heavy items in such a trailer. 

If you have a kid and want to take them with you for a ride, you may want to use a child carrier bike trailer. And if you are carrying a lot of luggage, a bike trailer will is of much use because of its low center of gravity. And it prevents imbalance since the weight is grounded.

Bikes Suitable for Bike Trailers

Generally speaking, you can attach a bike trailer to most bicycles. It is just a matter of determining how well your trailer attaches to your bike. Remember, bike trailers can carry a lot of weight. Thus, if your bike is up to lagging around, then you’re good to go. When unsure which bikes to attach trailers to, go for touring bikes and adventure road bikes since they are used to carry more weight than road bikes.

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