Commute With The Right Bike

Cycling to work is beneficial in many ways. One of the reasons is that you exercise. You also reduce environmental emissions by choosing a bicycle instead of a car. What could be worse than heavy traffic when you feel tired and stressed? Of course, if you want to commute to get off work, any bicycle can work. But there are some bicycles specifically designed for commuting. Below we list a series of models that you can use. For example, race hybrid, cross hybrid, and urban. Everyone is suitable for cycling to work, but some things make each and one of them unique.

commute with the right bike

Different Commuter Bikes

Electric hybrid bicycles

Undoubtedly the best friends of commuters. Like ordinary hybrid bicycles, electric hybrid vehicles are also hybrid vehicles, which have the speed of sports and racing bicycles but have the comfort of standard bicycles. You will get a sporty bike, but it needs extra power from the electric motor. Suddenly, even if you have to work a few miles, commuting to get off work by bike is no longer difficult!

Electrically Assisted Standard Bikes

Do you want something EXTREMELY comfortable, both in sitting position and fatigue level? Then an electrically assisted standard bike is the right choice for you. You get the comfort of the classic men's and women's bikes, and the electric motor makes slopes barely felt.

Racing Hybrid

If you want to get to work quickly and mainly the country road you cycle on, a racing hybrid is an obvious choice. On this bike, you sit slightly forward, which reduces air resistance that allows you to get up to high speeds. Although the racing hybrid is stripped in contributing to increased speed, it is designed to have practical components, like package holders, and screens. A racing hybrid can also handle a bit tougher surfaces thanks to its strong tires, but it rolls best on asphalt.

Cross Hybrid

The cross hybrid embodies the so-called hybrids because you could say that it is a mix between a mountain bike and a racing bike. The cross hybrid usually has a cushioned front fork and more powerful tires, which means you can also choose the forest trails when you cycle to work. The comfort of a mountain bike with powerful brakes and gears allows quick stops and quickly get up to speed again. And as well as a slightly forward-leaning seating position that helps you to reach significant speeds.

City Hybrid

The City Hybrid is one of all hybrid bikes that focus on comfort. It has a more upright sitting position, wider tires for softer cycling on different surfaces. Most hybrid bikes should have practical accessories such as a package holder. Although the city hybrid focuses a lot on comfort and less on training and exercise, you can get up to surprising speeds. Regardless if you have 7 miles or 40 miles to work, you can get yourself comfortably to bike with it.