Five Reasons to Keep Bike Trainers During Summer

Are you one of those people who put away your bike trainer as spring and summer approach? Do not do it! There are several benefits to keeping it up all year round. Below are five reasons why a bike trainer is a perfect tool - even in the summer!

Two people on Bike Trainers

  • United States summer does unfortunately not always mean sunshine everywhere. No matter how wonderful it may be with rain & debris, there are days when we prefer to stay indoors, then the trainer is perfect for feeling a workout regardless of the weather and thus keeping the training schedule and continuing to develop!

  • What do you do if the children have fallen asleep and you, a parent of small children can not leave the children at home themselves for a workout? Well, you can ride a bike even if the kids sleep with a bike trainer. With a trainer ready and ready, it's easy to complete a workout while the kids sleep without leaving home!

  • Pollen, we all know someone who is bothered by problems with pollen when spring and summer come. With a bike trainer, there are no excuses, and you can continue cycling as usual!

  • How do you get a workout when you are short on time in everyday life? In addition to your bike trainer being there when the weather does not want to or if you can not leave home, trainers are also a very good alternative when time is short. In a paltry 40 minutes, you have time to get a proper workout that otherwise would have just felt awkward.

  • Last but not least, a bike trainer allows you to focus on what you need. With a completely controlled environment, without traffic, gravel, or other disturbing elements, you can instead concentrate on your watts and heart rate zones and thus streamline your training and develop in the areas you need.

So, if you are one of those people who can recognize themselves on any of the points above or simply just want to focus on improving something in your cycling without disruption - let your bike trainer be there this summer!

Here comes a workout for your bike trainer that is time-efficient, can be done from home, trains your oxygen uptake ability, and above all is sweaty!

Warm up: 10 min

Start very calmly and then gradually increase the load to get started with breathing, soften muscles and increase heart rate. Let the intensity decrease slightly at the last minute of the warm-up.

Work: 22 min - 30 min (depending on whether you drive 3 or 4 laps)

Drive 40 seconds hard followed by 20 seconds calmly. Repeat the same interval six times. Then take a 2 min "break" by pedaling calmly. Then repeat the intervals (40 sec + 20-sec x 6 times) two or three more times depending on how much time you have.

Deceleration: 8-10 min

End the workout by pedaling calmly and feel how the breathing and pulse calm down. Go for it!