Foldable Bike - A New Best Friend

Are you thinking of starting to commute, but maybe not all the way? Then a folding bike is for you, a folding bike is perfect for city commuting, camping and other occasions when space is in short supply. In this blog post, we clarify the questions that may arise in choosing a bike.

not a foldable bike but a regular bike

Can you take the Folding Bike on the Train?

In fact, you can usually take the bike on the train or bus, as long as you have a folding bike. With a folding bike, you can transport it on the train or bus at no extra cost, as long as you fold it of course! You do not have to worry about your bike taking up unnecessary space.

What are the Different types of Folding Bikes?

There are folding bikes both with and without electric drive. For those of you who live in the city and want to commute to work, a folding bike with electric drive is a great alternative to get a little extra pressure in the pedals. A collapsible bicycle with an electric motor provides all the benefits a city commuter needs; you have time to enjoy wonderful mornings in the sun, avoid the traffic jams, and forget about the worries of getting sweaty and out of breath to work. To also be able to easily fold the bike and store it under the desk, isn't that a shame? On days when the energy is running low, you just take the help of electric propulsion or fold the bike and take the train home - great benefits to the flexible folding bike.

If you do not want to commute, a folding bike also works great as a travel companion on holiday. Fold the bike, throw it in the luggage and set off! With a folding bike, you get an enormous freedom to be able to ride anywhere, while at the same time you get the bike smoothly, regardless of whether you choose to take public transport or take the car.

Frequently Asked Questions about Folding Bikes

What does a folding bike weigh?
Folding bikes usually weigh between 20-25 kg.

Do you have to carry a folding bike when folded?
No, when folded you usually only have to reel it with the wheels, making it easier to bring around with you.

Is it easy to fold a folding bike?
Yes, below you can see a short introductory film from the EcoRide folding bike from the Flexer series.