How To Fix Your Bicycle Hose

Has your bicycle hose broken down on the road, yet you still managed to get home? Do you want to be economical and repair the bicycle hose on your own? In any case, it is not difficult to fix your bicycle hose.

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How Do You Fix a Bicycle Hose?

1. When you have detached the rim from the bike, it is easiest to get off the bike tire by pulling your hands along the edges until you get a small gap between the bike tire and the rim.

2. Unscrew the locking ring on the valve and remove the bicycle hose.

3. Find the damage by inflating the bicycle hose and immersing it in the water one piece at a time. When you see bubbles, you have found the leak on the bicycle hose.

4. Roughen and sand the surface around the bicycle hose, be especially careful with irregularities and edges.

5. Apply the glue and wait for 5 minutes. If you do not wait 5 minutes before attaching the repair patch there is a risk that the reparation will release when you inflate the bicycle tire afterward.

6. Feel the inside of the bicycle tire so that what "punctured" your bicycle hose does not remain

7. Put everything back in reverse order, use a tire remover to reduce the risk of the bicycle hose breaking and the bicycle hose getting pinched between the rim and the bicycle tire