Introducing Hovding - You Should NOT Wear a Bike Helmet

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What Do Studies Say About Bike Helmets?

Studies show that wearing bike helmets was the absolute most significant factor in enduring cruiser crashes. People ought to be legally necessary to wear a protective helmet while riding a cruiser. Through numerous realities, measurements, and Newton's Laws of Motion, the reasons concerning why wearing a helmet should be a law will be contended and demonstrated. Here are some reasonable discussions of why you should not wear a helmet; 

Head protectors give the best security from injury because a measurement uncovered that they are 67 percent viable in forestalling cerebrum wounds. Protective helmets consist of four crucial segments. The main component is the external shell, and it even is created out of thermoplastics, intended to pack when anything hits it hard. The following layer is the engrossing effect liner, and it retains the stun as the helmet stops, and your head needs to keep moving.  

Your head needs to continue moving as a result of Newton's first law of movement, otherwise called Law of Inertia, which expresses, "An item very remains very still, and an article moving remains moving." The third layer is the solace cushioning that permits the helmet to fit comfortably and cozy. The last segment is the most significant because it is the thing that keeps the helmet on your head. It is known as the maintenance framework or jaw lash, and it just takes a couple of moments to put it on, so nobody has a reason that it "takes too long."  

What Are The Detriments to Utilizing a Helmet?

There are a few detriments to utilizing a helmet. Our head won't get outside air. We were unable to hear on the off chance that we wear a helmet. It is a little uncomfortable while freeing. Now and again, it sweats inside, which dirties the helmet just like our head. The main disservices of wearing the helmet are the reason for dandruff and loss of hair. The biggest issue where riders are confronting while at the same time wearing a helmet. Luckily, planners are coming out with the groundbreaking thought of making vents and openings in the helmet to disseminate air inside. On the off chance that there is a smooth stream of air around your head, it will feel good.  

While some may contend that cruiser head protectors remove their opportunity out and about and restrict their established rights, helmets ought to be needed to be worn by all bike riders since they forestall skull, cerebrum, and spinal line wounds. Helmets keep wind and garbage from getting in the driver's eyes, and it costs citizens less cash to treat head protectors wearers than non-helmet wearers. Cruiser helmets are uncommonly made and tried to keep wounds from happening to the driver's skull, cerebrum, and spinal string. Numerous protective helmets are gone through comprehensive testing to guarantee that they will guard the motorcyclist in case of an impact or slide (Wendling). 

Hovding - The New Helmet

Hövding is the new helmet that offers protection and does not cause any problem to your health to protect you from dangers. Aside from the fact that it provides protection, it is of easy carriage, unlike the helmet you have always known. It has an airbag that shields you from having any place of the head hit, unlike the usual helmet, which means it even comes with the more considerable benefit of preserving your life without accident complications.

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