Bicycle locks - What to Consider

Buying a good bicycle lock - hinders unwelcome theft attempts

Every year, hundreds of thousands of bicycles get stolen in the USA alone. To avoid getting your bike stolen, you must invest in a good bike lock. In this guide, we use you to choose the best bike lock based on your needs.

 Locked bicycles in the sunset

Make a calculated bicycle theft assessment

The first thing you should do before choosing a bike lock is to think about what risk factors to handle. Here are some examples of risk factors to consider:

  • Where you live
  • How the bike is stored
  • How long the bicycle will be unattended
  • How theft-prone the bike is

Once you have made a risk assessment, you know what security requirements your new bicycle lock should meet.

Based on your Bicycle Lock Preferences

Now that you know what security requirements the bicycle lock must meet, it is time to think about what other specifications you want the bicycle lock to follow. Should the bicycle lock be mounted on the bicycle? Do you want to lock the bike on to something?

Most used Bicycle Locks

Frame bicycle lock

Frame locks can quickly screw into the frame, which means that it takes longer to break it open. It also needs more powerful tools. A-frame lock is easy to use and locks quickly, which makes them a favorite of many cyclists.

Jumper bicycle lock

As jumper locks are among the safest bicycle locks on the market, it is a good investment. Jumper bicycle locks are advantageous since you can lock them on to bike posts, making them harder to steal. The disadvantage of these locks is that they're pretty heavy. On the other hand, you can mount a holder for the shackle lock directly on the bike so that you do not have to carry it with you. It is also a perfect complement to a frame lock.

Combination Bicycle Lock

A code bicycle lock is a flexible bicycle lock that allows you to lock your bicycle onto poles. As a former combination lock enthusiast, I would always recommend using them together with an approved lock rather than using them alone since this type of lock is a bridge easy to break.

Like a code lock, cable and wire locks are not usually approved to be good locks. However, these locks are very flexible and light. The combination bicycle lock consists of a long metal wire encapsulated in plastic or silicone. You must be aware of locking combination bicycle locks since cable or wire locks easily get cut with an ordinary bolt cutter.

Frequently Asked Questions about Bicycle Lock

How to mount a bicycle lock?

A bicycle lock can be mounted directly on the bicycle frame using specially designed holders or screws.

Which bike lock should I have?

The best thing you can do is choose an approved lock.

What does a bicycle lock cost?

Usually between $5 up to $35 all over the United States.