Saddle Bag Must-Haves For Any Bike Ride

When it comes to packing a saddlebag, everyone always asks, what do you need? So in this blog post, I will be going through all of the things that I think you should be taking out on your bike.

man fixing bike with saddle bag

Top 9 Saddle Bag Essentials 

9: The Inner Tube

Let us start with the most obvious one, the inner tube. Now, this is a must-have on any bike ride. Even if you bike with tubeless tires, sometimes you get that puncture that refuses to seal. So having one of these handy will get you out of a lot of trouble.

8: Tire Levers

Some seasoned cyclists will tell you that tire levers are a waste of time, but why take the risk? Say you have cold hands, or you have a new tire that refuses to come off. Having a pair of tire levers makes the whole thing a lot easier.

7: Multi-Tool

There are multi-tools, and then there are multi-tools. Finding one that works the best for you and your bike is necessary. There are so many out on the market, so you should research which one you want to get. And, ultimately, have it on your bike at all times, and never be stuck on the side of the road with problems that you can not fix.

6: Quick Link

Quick Link is a little bit of kit but super effective when the chain has broken out on the road. Quick Link is the tool you want to use to get you back on the road in no time. It is easy to apply, and it gets you up and biking in no time.

5: Inner Tube Patches

Next up, patches. Now, this is something you do not want to overlook. They are easy to carry, small, and light. But in the unlikely event of a double puncture, this will become your lifeline. 

4: Valve Extender

Next up, valve extender. If you have deep-section wheels then having valve extenders is an important kit. If you are out on a bike ride and the wheel punctures, and you end up borrowing someone else inner tube with a shorter valve. You will not be able to pump your tire without a valve extender.

3: CO2 Tire Inflator

Gas canisters, are they worth it? I would say yes. Getting your tires up to sufficient PSI in a matter of seconds is, well, just awesome.

2: Tire Boot

If you do not know what a tire boot is, let me explain. It is a hard material that goes on the inside of the tire to seal up any splits. Cause if you got a split in that outer tire, then you are susceptible to punctures.

1: Spare Cash

Having some spare cash in your saddlebag is something a lot of people forget. In the worst-case scenario, you will be able to get a taxi home, or if you run out of tire boots, it also works well to patch up those holes.

But I will say, keep that one quiet. Especially if you're going out with your friend, you'll end up buying all the rounds in the bar.