Why You Need a Top Tube Bike Bag

Why does everyone need a Top Tube Bike Bag? Because they essentially are the ultimate bicycle wallet one can find for their bike! You can store the most precious items in your Top Tube Bike Bag.

 Bike with Bags - Top Tube Bike Bag

What is a Top Tube Bike Bag?

A Top Tube Bike Bag is a small bag that you put in the frame of your bicycle. You can have Top Tube Bags under the bicycle frame and even above it. There is enough space to hold up to 3 Top Tube Bags. Top Tube Bags varies in size, a general rule of thumb I usually have is that the Top Tube Bag should be half the size of your bicycle frame. It most likely has some zippers on it that helps in keeping your valuables waterproof.

What can you Store in a Top Tube Bike Bag?

You can keep your most valuable accessories in it or just some snacks that you need to access fast when biking on the road. I usually bring small items that I put in different pockets all the time, like keys, chocolate (I know I shouldn't be eating so much chocolate, but I love it so much..) wallet, or even just my phone. But with Top Tube Bike Bags, this problem is immediately solved. And doesn't it feel good to have all of your valuables stored in one commonplace?

Should you have a Top Tube Bike Bag?

Yes! I would recommend having a Top Tube Bike Bag at all times, even if you're biking for 15 minutes to work. This bag is so easily attachable and detachable it takes 15 seconds to attach it to the bike if you have one with two velcro straps. Attaching something on with velcro straps goes quick, aside from when you need to do it for your kid's shoes and they won't stop moving... One of the most annoying parts of the day. This time you don't have your kids this time making your life just a little easier by buying a Top Tube Bike Bag.

Here are the 3 Main Reasons you need a Top Tube Bike Bag

  • All valuables in one place.
  • Faster reach towards items.
  • Minimal effort to attach with maximum reward to offer

Hopefully, I've succeeded in convincing you to get a Top Tube Bike Bag.

Happy biking!