Wobbling Rear Wheels on Bicycle - Cause & Solution

Is the rear wheel of your bike wobbling? You are not alone since this occurring problem affects many cyclists. That's why we thought we should tell you more about the reasons it happens and solutions to the problem!

Wobbling rear wheels on bicycle

Possible reasons and solutions for a wobbling wheel

As previously mentioned, problems with the rear wheel are a common issue. It is also a problem that can have many possible causes and solutions. Below we will describe some of the most normal occurring problems and solutions for a wobbling wheel.

Problem: Non-even spoke tension

One of the most occurring problems is that the tension in the spokes is uneven. It may happen if the wheel has gotten hit in any shape or form. As a result, the wheel may feel skewed and begin to wobble.

Solution: Align the wheel

To overcome this problem, if you have luck on your side, it may be enough to straighten the wheel and tighten the spokes. If the rim is too damaged, you may think about replacing it with a new one.

Problem: Broken spokes

Another common problem is that one or more spokes have gotten ruined. It could also be that they have come off and gone off completely, resulting in an unstable and wobbling wheel.

Solution: Replace the spokes

To overcome this problem, it usually helps to replace the damaged or missing spokes. If you don't replace it fast, it could result in even more problems.

Problem: The hose is wrong

If the wobble isn't due to uneven spoke tension or broken spokes, maybe it is because the hose is incorrectly inside the wheel.

Solution: Adjusting the hose

If you think that the hose is the reason for the problem, you can release the air from the tire and check it. Firstly you should make sure it looks intact. You should also check that there is no dirt or debris on the rim and that the rim band is complete. Remove any dirt and replace the rim tape if you think that is needed. Then you can install the hose back. Be careful and make sure that the hose position is correct.

If the problem still exists, you should replace the hose.