Best bicycle bags & saddlebags in USA


Invest in the best, most tested bicycle bags on the market. We have evaluated saddlebags, pair bags, frame bags, single bags etc. Enjoy!

Buying a bicycle bag in USA

Best bike bags in the usa

A bicycle bag is just like it sounds like a bag you have on your bike, there are many types of bag models, and they all have different functions depending on what you are going to use it for. Examples of bags are saddlebags, paired bags, single bags and different types of bags that you can hang on the handlebars. In the case of paired bags, they are tied together on each side of the package holder. Single bags are usually attached to two hooks, which in turn are attached to the package holder. Often these bags are made of a material called pain, it is usually twisted from cotton yarn, or a mixture of cotton and polyester. When it comes to pain, it is also a material that is usually used for shoes, awnings, canvases and of course bags.

Another material that is also used for bicycle bags is a form of leather, sheet steel or woven plastic. Bicycle bags are something that does not have to cost a fortune and can make the bike ride much easier, precisely because you can store belongings in the bag. Bags on bicycles have been around for a long time and that's understandable - it's flexible and simple. As early as the beginning of the 20th century, bicycles were often equipped with a small tool bag, which often contained a screwdriver, wrench and other repair materials. This was for preventive purposes if, for example, you were to get a puncture on your bike.

Buying bicycle bags online

There are lots of online stores that sell different bicycle materials you need, and then of course different bicycle bags. You can look and compare different models, what materials they are made of, and what they are suitable for. Being able to compare prices is an advantage when you sit at home in front of your computer in peace and quiet. Then you do not have to go anywhere and visit physical stores to see what the offer is.

There is also good information online about length measurements, materials, how much the bags last and often there are also reviews from customers who have previously bought a product. However, it can be difficult to know and get a good idea of ​​materials and the like when you only see pictures of the product online. But that is why many online stores also offer free returns so that you can safely get the product home and if it does not meet your expectations, you can easily and freely send it back. If you choose to buy your bicycle bag online, the prices are usually slightly lower than in physical stores, this is because e-commerce companies can push the prices in a completely different way, which is beneficial for you as a customer.

Buying a saddlebag in USA

In a saddlebag, you store materials you need if you get a puncture or any other problem with your bike. Here you can, for example, store tools, hoses, keys and more. There are several different models and sizes, so you can easily find a model that suits you. The saddlebag is usually mounted on or next to the saddle, but the most common models usually hang under the saddle, and as it says above, the saddlebag is used for various tools that you may need if you get a puncture or some other problem with your bike.

Good to have when you are out on country roads and bikes where there are no opportunities for repair nearby. Just racing bikes usually have such a bag, to be able to adjust the errors that can occur during a bike ride. Many exercise cyclists also have a so-called carbon dioxide cartridge with them to be able to inflate a new hose in the event of a puncture. Larger saddlebags are also available, but this is a bag that is not very common on racing bikes, but more for you who may use the bike as a means of transport from one point to another.

This could be, for example, if you choose to cycle to work and want extra clothes with you. The bag is easy to unload and you take it with you to work or wherever you go. The price of saddlebags is usually not very expensive but can of course vary depending on which brand you choose. The majority of the bags are also water resistant, which means that you can cycle even in bad weather conditions, but still guarantee that the contents of the bag are kept dry throughout the bike ride.

Buying a frame bag 

Frame bags are also sometimes called guide bags and it is a kind of bicycle bag that is not very wide, and you attach it to the frame, either at the back where the bicycle frame angles or they are mounted on the front of the frame. In this bag you can store drinks or something edible that you need during the bike ride if, for example, you are going to cycle a long distance. Of course, it will be easier to reach these things if you have mounted the bag in front of the handlebars, the frame bag with its contents is of course good for both you as racing bikes or just out cycling for fun.

It is best if the frame bag is narrow so as not to get in the way, it is usually only a few centimeters wider than the frame itself. This is so that it is not perceived as a disturbance during the bike ride. In addition to drinks and snacks, you can also store your mobile and other belongings in the bag. Depending on the climate you are cycling in, it can be good to acquire a frame bag that is waterproof and thus can be used when it is raining or damp outdoors, for example. The price of frame bags is relatively cheap and you do not have to spend a fortune.

Different types of bicycle bags

In addition to frame bags and saddlebags, there are of course many other types of bags to choose from and here are some alternative bags that can be good to have. There is probably a bag that suits you and your cycling. You will find paired bags, guide bags, saddlebags, single bags, bottom tube bags and top tube bags which are just a few examples. As cycling becomes a more popular way to get around, the number of bags is also evolving. For those of you who are going on a cycling holiday, there are, for example, packing bags, they can fit a lot of things that you need during the journey. Stylish and practical bags are also available for you who cycle to and from work, for you as exercise bikes there are small bags that you can hang under the saddle, in other words there is a large selection of bicycle bags depending on what you are going to use your bike for. Some bags have hooks that you can easily hang on the package holder, when you then remove the bag, use it as a training or handbag. Convenient and simple!

Larger bicycle bags

If you are planning to go on a cycling holiday, you should have a larger bicycle bag, and it should hold a lot of things you need, such as changing clothes and shoes. It is important to keep in mind when you have a large and heavy pack with you that your package holder must be able to handle your pack. Most package holders usually hold for a weight of 25 kilos.

Exercise bags

An exercise bag is something you should have when you have an exercise bike, a small and flexible bag that only has room for the essentials you should have with you. It can be some form of energy intake, an extra hose if you happen to get a puncture and the mobile phone is usually a matter of course for many. There are also other individual things you may need to bring with you.

Mobile phone bag

Nowadays, many people prefer to carry their mobile phone everywhere and of course it must also have a good and suitable place during the bike ride. A phone holder that is attached to the bike handlebar or a bike saddle bag is optimal, then you always have the phone under surveillance, of course you can then also use the GPS that is found in most mobiles. Another purpose of having your mobile phone placed there is also that you can easily receive calls and much more. So you do not miss anything on your social media even though you are on the bike.

Bicycle transport bags

Now a transport bag is not an ordinary bag that you have on your bike, but in it you store the bike itself. If you are going to a cycling competition, it is good to have it in a bag for protection, even you who may have to transport yourself by car, plane, train or other means of transport benefit from having your bike in a transport bag to protect it. You disassemble the bicycle wheels, unscrew the pedals and maybe also the saddle, so they fit in the bag. If you are going to take the bike on a flight, it counts as extra luggage, the same applies if you bring extra wheels. These should also be placed in a separate bag. The price of a good and safe transport bag is usually a few thousand kronor. It is important when you use transport bags for your bike that you check with your insurance company what applies.

bike saddle bags best in usa

Wheel bags

As the name suggests, it is in the wheel bag that you store your wheels for the bike, there are bags for a wheel or for sets of wheels. This is just as mentioned above an aid for you who are going on training trips, perhaps abroad, and you must have the bike on, for example, an airplane. These wheel bags are often used so that you can take extra tires with you. The wheel bags are usually much lower in price than a transport bag costs.

Materials and functions

It is important to remember that you choose a bag with a good material and that it also has good functions. A fabric that is made of a strong cotton fabric, which is also impregnated, which causes the fibers to swell if it rains, then the fabric stays dry. When it has stopped raining and it is dry in the air again, then the fabric will be as it was from the beginning and it can breathe again. Choosing a bag that is waterproof you will never regret. Another thing you should keep in mind is to choose a bag that has an outer compartment, where you can have things you need to easily access, it can be small tools or hoses, for example. It is also important that the bag is firmly seated on your bike, just attaching it with thin straps is usually not enough. Having a bag on the handlebars is very practical, where you can have maps, a water bottle, valuables, a mobile phone and many other small belongings.

Feel free to choose a bag that has a clearly visible color, then you will be more visible in traffic. Bags that have loose rain protection are also recommended, the bag should also be easy to assemble. It is also good that the bicycle bag has both a shoulder strap and a carrying handle, then you can easily carry it when it is not on the bike. This is especially good if, for example, you are going on a cycling holiday and therefore have the pack with you everywhere. As I said, the material should be durable, to withstand all kinds of weather conditions because you are staying outdoors and then the bag is exposed to external stresses.

The bottom of the bag should be stable, so that you can put it on the ground, without it falling or the like. One or preferably several inner compartments are also preferable, then it is easier to find what you are looking for and sort inside the bag if you have a lot of stuff in it. Another very important thing from a safety aspect is of course that the bag has visible reflectors. Especially if you are going to cycle on roads where there is traffic, if you do not have reflectors, it is impossible for road users to see you, which can result in an accident. Another thing that you should equip your bag with is to have a sturdy locking wire that holds the bag to the bike, if you have to leave it unattended. You may have to carry out a task and then it is difficult to disassemble the bag from the bike every time.

Tips and advice about bike bags

Bicycle bags are a very good complement to your bike, there are lots of different models of bike bags. Depending on what your purpose of the bike ride is, you can find a bike bag that is best suited. If, for example, you are going on a cycling holiday, more packing is usually required, which also results in more space and larger bags being needed. If you are going to race cycling and are going to cycle very long distances, it can be good to have fluids and a lighter energy intake available. This does not have to take up too much space and therefore a small bicycle bag on the handlebars, for example, can suffice well.

When it comes to materials and functions, there are a lot to choose from, but the material you should go for should be water resistant precisely because you will probably cycle in different weather conditions. If, for example, it should start to rain or be very humid, you still want your contents in the bag to be kept dry. For many, appearance is very important, it should be nice and match other accessories or for example the bike. At present, there are a lot of models to choose from and also in different price ranges. Depending on your budget and taste, you are guaranteed to find a bicycle bag that suits you.

Stylish bicycle bags

In the past, functionality was often the most important thing, but now it is also important that it is aesthetically pleasing. Therefore, it is now common with stylish bicycle bags that are still equipped with all possible functions and features to facilitate your bike ride. If you want a better overview of what stylish models are available, it can be good to check online. Then you will quickly be able to find a bicycle bag that suits your taste. Maybe you want a bag that matches the color of your bike, or the clothes you usually wear when you are out cycling. Bicycle bags can be a kind of accessory to your bike and then it is of course fun to be able to change based on what you have for clothes and also be able to choose different sizes, depending on what the purpose of the bike ride is. Of course, it's fun to also have nice cycling bags, just like when it comes to regular bags.

Cheap bicycle bags in USA

Just like with all other products, you can advantageously compare bicycle bags to find the best price. This can of course be difficult to do in physical stores as different stores have a range that differs. Therefore, it is easy to compare bicycle bags online as you get a quick and clear overview of which product is of quality at the best price. It is usually also possible to read reviews from previous buyers. Depending on which brand you choose on your bike bag, the price will also vary, there are both more expensive alternatives but also cheaper that you can find in your nearest sports store. However, many expensive products are associated with quality, but of course this does not have to be the case, there are many cheap alternatives that are at least as good.