Bicycle Trailers - Travel With Your Kids

Buying guide transport trailers - transport your child in a bicycle cart

As a parent, it is fun to be able to participate in activities with your children. One of these is bicycling. Being able to transport the child in a bicycle trailer is also very practical. In this buying guide, we highlight what you should keep in mind when choosing a bicycle trailer.

Bicycle trailers - kids travel

Bike Trailer For Your Needs

An important thing when choosing a bicycle trailer is how many children will ride in it. Many bicycle carriages only have room for one child, but some can accommodate two. A double trailer is a perfect bicycle cart for you who want to transport two children at once.

It is also an advantage if you can get the most out of your bicycle trailer. Some bicycle trailers can also get used as a stroller. These can thus be the best bicycle trailer for you who also want to walk with the carriage.

Security first when cykling with kids

Don´t forget the bike helmets and bicycle lamps for a safe ride. 

Frequently Asked Questions About Bicycle Trailers

When can children travel with a bicycle trailer?

A child who can sit up can start traveling with a bicycle trailer from around six months to 9 months of age.

How big can children be when traveling in a bicycle trailer?

Children can ride in a bicycle trailer until they weigh more than the carriage's maximum load capacity.

How to attach a bicycle cart?

A bicycle cart is usually attached to the bicycle's rear wheel shoulder.

Good luck when traveling in a bicycle trailer with your child, and stay safe out there!