Must Know Info When Biking With Dog

Taking the dog with you while biking around is a perfect opportunity for both you and the dog to take a long walk since it usually becomes a longer walk/run with the dog, out in the open instead of taking a short walk and stroll around the neighborhood.

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Taking Your Dog With You While Biking

There lots of moments when it can feel nice to have the dog in a bicycle basket or a bicycle cart. Maybe if you move around in city traffic or have a small dog, bicycle carts for kids fit perfectly for this purpose, and we even offer the perfect pet basket bike bag if you want the dog in front of you at the handlebar. If you are taking the dog with you in a bicycle cart, then be sure to have the bicycle cart completely shut when biking around.

If Your Dog is Gonna Run Next to the Bicycle

If you want the dog to get some good exercise, it is good to get the dog to run next to the bicycle. We recommend not running with a dog like this before it turns 18 months, all depending on the breed. Be sure to check that your dog is not prone to problems with the hip and elbow joints. You could x-ray the dog before even trying to bicycle run with, to be extra sure that you won't encounter any future complications.

Try to teach the dog in the beginning by biking slowly and have short rides. To get the dog used to run next to the bicycle, you should have the dog on the left side of the bike, so you are in the middle of the dog and potential traffic. You could even teach the dog a commando that means run next to the bicycle.

Safety and Good Things to Think About

Be sure to have the right reflexes on both you and the dog when it is dark outside. You need to make sure to let the dog rest before the bike ride to avoid stoppages while biking. A good idea can be to keep track of the surface, as asphalt wears a little more on the dog's joints if the bone muscles haven't adapted yet. Exercise tracks or similar soft surfaces such as gravel roads are way more gentle the first time. What humans feel comfortable running on also applies to the dogs. So adjust accordingly!

Like humans, dogs get dehydrated and tired from running a lot so make sure you bring a water bottle that the dog can drink from during the bicycle ride. Avoid cycling with it in the middle of hot summer days, as the hot surface can lead to your best friend getting sore paws.

Hopefully, you learned some information to take with you next time you bike around with your dog.

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