Pet Basket Bike Bag

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Keep your pet warm and happy...
while biking around

Pet Basket Bike Bag-JustBikeBags


 Quality Material  The Aluminum alloy is sturdy and unbreakable so you dont need to worry about the bag bending.

 Comfortable for Pet  The high-quality Oxford cloth and Aluminum material that the bag is made of will fit your dog perfectly and is something the pet will appreciate staying in while biking.

 Easy to Remove  Easy to remove whenever you don't feel like having it on your bike.

 Installation — No tools required, comes with an easy attachable loop strap on the back that fits all bicycles.


pet basket bike bag | JustBikeBags


This Pet Basket Bike Bag is a MUST have for every frequent bike traveler.

This Bicycle Basket is a versatile basket that can be mounted on a bicycle or carried as a shopping basket.

The new mounting system makes the basket more stable when installed. It can be removed for shopping or other purposes when not in use, reducing the annoying steps of removing the handlebar each time the basket is removed. This bicycle basket is suitable for most bicycles.

This Pet Basket Bag is also a perfect bag for your pet to sit in and feel comfortable. Can also be used for storing your valuables along with being very easy to remove whenever you don't feel like having it on.


pet basket bike bag | JustBikeBags


Aluminum Alloy & Oxford Cloth


34x 28x 25cm | 13x 11x 10inch (L*W*H*)

766 g | 27 oz

7.7 kg | 17 lb

Compatible with any 22-31.8mm | 8.7-12.5inch bike handlebar

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Aubrey Schamberger

Pretty quick I was actually surprised it came so fast. Looks good also.
Cant wait to test it. Will do it tomorrow

Christ Green

It came so fast and im so happy now during Coronavirus. We will bicycle around everywhere since it is more friendly to stay outside.

Kaitlyn Feil

I got a chihuahua and she is very happy with the bag. I think she prefers the bag more than walking haha. Anyways i will have her walk also, much appreciated bag either way.

Beulah Wyman

Im so satisfied with this pet basket bike bag. The quality is very good. And i would recommend everyone to buy this bag if you are interested in having your pet with you at all times or just buying groceries.

Carole Runte

Easy to Assemble. This bag is the greatest! Unbeatable value for money. Easy to install and very convenient