Bicycle Top Front Tube Bag

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Travel smoother...
With your valuables

Bicycle Top Front Tube Bag-JustBikeBags


Large Capacity   Our Bicycle Top Front Tube Bag is big enough to store your wallet, energy gel, inner tube, mobile phone, gloves, repair bike tool, power bank, and more.

Durable & Steady   The main material 840D Nylon is highly abrasion-proof and durable. Stiff sidewalls helps the bag retain it's shape. No need to worry about deformation.

Waterproof Material — The surface material of this frame bag is TPU material and has an adhesive waterproof zipper. The inside of the bag will not get wet.


Bicycle Top Front Tube Bag-JustBikeBags



The Bicycle Top Front Tube Bag is a MUST have for every frequent bike traveler.

Ever had the problem of where to put your keys? Well, This bike bag alleviates that problem and spares you one less trouble in this world. There is alot of space to easily store all of your valuables.

 The Bicycle Top Front Tube Bag has a long slim body and a proper space design that makes your ride smooth and comfortable. Your knees will not hit the bike bag no matter what. It is portable and you can take the bike pouch easily with you while parking the bike.

There is no need to worry about rainy days or even sunny days when traveling around with this bike bag since it is waterproof and keeps your accessories well stored.

Bicycle Top Front Tube Bag-JustBikeBags


TPU And Nylon



22x 6x 9cm | 9x 2x 3inch (L*W*H*)

90 g | 3 oz

1 Litre | 61 cu. inch


24x 7x 11cm | 10x 3x 4inch (L*W*H*)

125 g | 4 oz

1.6 Litre | 97 cu. inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Clint Kassulke

I got the medium
Very great value for what it is
Seams to be good quality
Fits all my essentials and then some
Here’s a list of what I keep in it on every ride
Spare disposable contact lenses and eye drops, asthma inhaler, chapstick, 2 tire levers, ID & Debit card, 2 snack bars, CO2 canister & small inflater, small multi tool
I keep my spare tube strapped to my frame so this has eliminated my saddlebag
I much prefer the easy access of this bag
Hold its shape well
Looks good
On other rides I’ve kept a charger in it for my phone and ran the wire out the top with the zipper barely undone
I even use the Velcro straps under the top tube to hold some cheap safety glasses for rides where I know I’ll be riding at night
I can then put my sunglasses there when I switch
This bag is much cheaper than any other bag I’ve seen of similar quality
About to use it soon for touring & bikepacking

Leda Effertz

I have bought three... I love the bag but after seeing how amazing the first one was... I decided to buy the larger one for my main bike and the bike I commute with... Sadly I recieved the bag that is the same size as the first. I could probably return it and get the correct size but I don't want to wait for it just to get the wrong one again... I don't know who is to blame because I made sure to select the large size so I wanted to let other consumers know of the issue... Overall the bag is very clutch and paired with the saddle bag alleviate any reason to have anything on your person while riding... As you can see with my pics...the style is sleek and for the price you aren't able to beat the deal... I went to the local bike store and you won't be able to get a bag this size for anything close to what they are going for.

Upon further investigation, i found out that the bags I received were the largest size and was under the impression that the first one I bought was Medium. I bought with my second order two more at the size of a large expecting it to be bigger. I Love the bags and I believe that if you are looking for a nice cool bag, this is the one to get.

Jennie Hettinger

I don't do frame bags, but I had a 62 mile unsupported ride and wanted to make sure I had the things I needed to ride non-stop. The medium easily fit a spare pump, 5 GU gel packs, 1 package of blocs and a couple allen wrenches. Perfect size that it didn't get in the way of my legs while climbing big hills. It is now going to be a permanent fixture on my bike. The zipper worked fine until it was down below the curve of the bag. It was easy to pull using one hand with little focus. 4 hours 12 mins of gravel and nothing fell out.

Declan Kub

I bought 4 of these. 1 small and 3 large and put them all over my bike. 2 on the rod and 2 connected to my handlebar and basket. I like to have a lot of storage on my bike lol. I also bought the one with the two bags on the sides that goes on the rod. And I put one of these on top of it. The bag w the two bags on the side is from the same company. Then you can put this one right on top and it fits well.

It looks water resistant to me but I don’t ride in the rain. I also cut holes on the sides (the material is very hard and I used a cutco serrated knife) and poked through w a cord lock through all of them to deter stealing if I lock my bike up. Def won’t be water resistant now but I prefer for them to not be stolen bc I live in nyc. I love these products. Great purchase and they were exactly what I was looking for.

Mertie Bechtelar

The bag is very roomy, the wrench 21 cm, the camera on the wheel 26, the screwdriver, the universal key, repair kit. In general, very satisfied because it does not look bulky, the only lightning and in the truth is very tight