Cycling Tail Seat Trunk Bags Yellow/Black

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Cycling Tail Seat Trunk Bags Yellow/Black-JustBikeBags


Effective Side Support Panel  Double clips and adhesive fastening to fit onto the rack firmly, sturdy support panel will not get tangled up in the back wheel. Easy to fit, remove and carry loads.

Multifunctional Design Trunk Panniers  Extra zipped pouch for keys, wallet, phones, etc. Fashion-conscious, and practical commuter bike bag for daily use.

Water Resistant & Reflective Straps  Made from 840D Nylon material, durable and tear-resistant. The reflective fashionable logo makes it visible at night for safe cycling and it is fully waterproof.

27L Large Capacity  Each bag can hold your change of clothes or some essentials for the cycling trip. The mesh pockets inside the bag can store some small items for fast access. Suitable for multiple occasions like outdoor long distance rides, daily commute or just transport groceries.


Cycling Tail Seat Trunk Bags Yellow/Black-JustBikeBags


Cycling Tail Seat Trunk Bags is durable and wear-resistant as well as water-resistant. 

The bag has a three-point attachment system. Two movable buckles on the back of the bag help you adjust the bag to the right position according to your bike rack.The 360-degree rotatable bracket is used to secure the bag to the side bars to prevent the bag from bouncing out. It can be easily adjusted without additional tools which makes it a real quick release system. 

Cycling Tail Seat Trunk Bags Yellow/Black-JustBikeBags


840D Nylon + Waterproof Fabric

Black & Yellow

46x 34x 18cm | 18x 13x 7inch (L*W*H*)

900 g | 32 oz

27L | 1647 cu.inch

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Gustave Smith

Great panniers for the price. The quality of material good and strong. They’re very roomy. I fit about 30L of backpacking equipment in them with room to spare. The buckles are solid. The attachment mechanism is durable. The mechanism that attaches to the lower aspect of the bike rack actually dials in the perfect fit. They’re snug during transport however I added a bungee cord for extra security bc I was traveling on a very bumpy mountainous road. They’re waterproof. It rained on and off one day during my trip and my equipment stayed dry. I would rate these panniers comparable to Ortlieb brand, but for much much cheaper. Get these panniers if you’re just starting out touring or backpacking. Or just get these bc they do the job well and who the heck wants to spend a lot of money if you don’t have to?

Easton Bogan

Great value. They are very spacious while being narrow enough they don’t clip my heels. The water repellant works great, they are stiff enough to keep from sagging, and can fit a packed grocery bag. The adjustment works great so it can accommodate most racks and comes on and off easily. What more could you want?

Only complaint is that they feel a bit too big when I’m not loading them up. And the handle on the top is floppy and just the right/wrong length so it will fall in the way at times as I’m locking the bag into place.

Amina Heathcote

Very durable. Fits my RadRover racks perfectly. Very secure clamping system. I haven’t used them in the rain yet. But they look like they’ll be waterproof. The material is very thick and rubberized. Will update later.

Cecile Flatley

We bought these for our tandem to make grocery runs, and these bags are simply amazing. We plan on using them for longer bike tours, but for the time being, you pack 1-1.5 bags worth of groceries in each one, plus an ice pack to keep them cool on the ride back home. The seams are strong, the attachment mechanisms are secure yet easy to operate, the rolltop allows you some "cheat room" if you wind up overpacking, yet also provides 100% waterproofing when kept to recommended capacity.

Rossie Ryan

Love this pannier, built solid, waterproof and lots of room. Easy to connect and disconnect to a rack. I take these to the grocery and can fit a good weeks with of groceries in them. Has reflective panels as well but not obnoxious like a lot of other panniers look.