Waterproof Pet Basket Bike Bag

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Keep your pet warm and happy...
while biking around the

Waterproof Pet Basket Bike Bag-JustBikeBags


Night Safety Protection System  In bad weather or at night, the reflective stripes on the front of the bag shines bright. You can easily be seen from 20 meters away. 

Comfortable for Pet  The high-quality Oxford cloth and aluminum material that the bag is made of will fit your dog perfectly and is something the pet will appreciate staying in while biking.

Easy to Remove  Easy to remove whenever you don't feel like having it on your bike.

Easy installation — No tools required, comes with an easy attachable loop strap on the back that fits all bicycles.


Waterproof Pet Basket Bike Bag-JustBikeBags


The Waterproof Pet Basket Bike Bag is a MUST have for every frequent bike traveler.

This Bicycle Basket is a versatile basket that can be mounted on a bicycle or carried as a shopping basket.

The new mounting system makes the basket more stable when installed. It can be removed for shopping or other purposes when not in use, reducing the cumbersome steps of removing the handlebar each time the basket is removed. This bicycle basket is suitable for most bicycles.

This Waterproof Pet Basket Bag is also a perfect bag for your pet to sit in and feel comfortable. Can also be used for storing your valuables along with being very easy to remove whenever you don't feel like having it on.


Waterproof Pet Basket Bike Bag-JustBikeBags


Oxford Cloth and Aluminum



34x 24x 25cm | 13x 9x 10inch (L*W*H)

34x 24x 9cm | 14x 9x 4inch (L*W*H)

210 g | 7 oz

7.7 kg | 17 lb

Compatible with any 22-31.8mm | 8.7-12.5inch bike handlebar

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 15 reviews
    Luther Nikolaus

    I bought one basket to try it out with my two small dogs. One is a chihuahua and the other is a teacup Maltese mixed with Russell terroir so she’s more on the heavier side and I’m very impressed on how I was able to fit both of them inside although I got a second basket so they can ride more comfortably. The basket is easy to assemble and brings everything accordingly. We’re truly enjoying this quarantine with the whole family riding around the block.

    Mariela Russel

    Love this basket! I had a little trouble getting it installed (probably user error!) but now it’s solidly on my bike and I love it! Easy to take the basket with my and snap it back on! I haven’t used to carry a pet, but useful to carry my random stuff for sure.

    Melody Johns

    It fits the bike perfectly and is easy to attach and detach. We use it to carry our 9 lb cat around. We were worried that the bottom of the basket may sag and touches the wheel but it doesn't. I am very pleased with the quality.

    Treva Schneider

    Very nice my yorky still a bit scared ....but she has a lot of room...

    Was super fast to get here a bit tricky to put on but love it......

    Jackeline White

    This was purchased for a teens bike. Fits well and she loves it. Perfect for taking supplies to the bathhouse while camping or carrying snacks to the park.